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Ioana Luisa Vais is a software developer in Prof. David Colquhoun's lab. Currently she is converting the curve fitting programs to the Windows version. Another recent project (in collaboration with the Electronics' Workshop) was the design of a Programmable 30 Way Solenoid Valve Controller - a real time application making use of the parallel port.

In 1992 she obtained her MSc in Applied Computing Technology from Middlesex University (London, UK), with a simulation project on "Conservation of Linear Momentum for the Elastic Collision" . She completed her first degree in 1976 with a MSc from Bucharest Polytechnic in Aeronautical Engineering - Avionics Branch. For 14 years she worked in the Aircraft Industry in Romania designing standby instruments. Since the beginning of her career she was heavily involved with programming using languages as Fortran, C and Assembly.

She started to work at UCL in 1992 when she transposed to PC the single channel analysis program (SCAN) from the earlier (PDP) version.She was also involved in programming the control of CED 1401 Intelligent Real Time Interface in protected mode Fortran and MetaWare High C/C++, 3D graphics in MetaWare High C and Borland C++, design and maintenance of the Pharmacology Department Home Page, set-up and maintenance of the lab’s PCs.

She has many other interests: art, music, literature, travelling and promoting true information about her native country and Eastern Europe in general.


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