Research team

Joy Delhanty, Joyce Harper, Sioban SenGupta, Seema Dhanjal, Barbara Speyer, Leoni Xanthopoulou, Thalia Mamas, Hanan Sultan, Wael Elmahaishi, Harita Ghevaria, Aisha Elaimi, Pinar Tulay, Amanthi Balasuriya

BARBARA SPEYER, PhD, is a Research Fellow carrying out studies on sperm genetics, particularly with regard to DNA fragmentation. She also undertakes the analysis of sperm from men who are carriers of chromosomal translocations.


HARITA GHEVARIA, BSc, MSc. Harita Ghevaria joined the UCL Centre for PGD as a part time PhD student and part time trainee molecular cytogeneticst in November 2008.  Her BSc was in Biochemistry and Biotechnology. She has a Masters Degree in Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine from UCL.  Her clinical PGD training included optimization of clinical protocols for FISH for PGD of chromosomal translocations and more recently for monogenic disorders. Her area of research focuses on investigating mechanisms of chromosomal aneuploidy in the oocytes from infertile women. She is also involved with follow up studies on embryos from couples carrying a chromosomal translocation.

AISHA ELAIMI, BSc, MSc. Started her PhD in May 2009. She had previously been working as a Cytogenetic Technologist for 4 years in Saudi Arabia. She completed her Master’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Her PhD is on the Genetic and Metabolic analysis of human preimplantation embryos.

PINAR TULAY, BSc, MSc. Pinar Tulay graduated from University of Missouri in 2006 with double degree in Chemistry and Mathematics (BSc). Shecompleted her MRes in Biomedical Science Research at Imperial College in 2008 and MSc in Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine at UCL in 2009. Pinar joined UCL Centre for PGD in September 2009 as a full time PhD student and a scientist performing PGD. For her PhD, she is focusing on investigating DNA repair, gene expression and chromosomal abnormalities in human oocytes and embryos. For her clinical PGD work, she has been involved in developing and optimising PGD protocols for inherited cancer predisposition and recently PGD for translocations. Pinar completed her first Master’s degree in Biomedical Science Research at Imperial College, London in 2008 and her second Master’s degree in Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine at UCL in 2009.

AMANTHI BALASURIYA, BSc, MSc.  Amanthi obtained her BSc in Genetics and Masters degree in Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine from UCL.  She started her PhD in sperm DNA fragmentation and anueuploidy in October 2009.

RAZAN JAWDAT, BSc, MSc. Started her PhD in April 2012. She had previously been working as a medical laboratory technologist, for 4 years, in the preimplantation genetics laboratory at King Faisal specialist hospital and research centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Razan obtained her BSc in clinical laboratory sciences at King Saud University in 2006 and completed her Masters in Genetics of human diseases at UCL in 2011. Her research area is focused on developing PGD to avoid the transmission of mitochondrial diseases caused by mtDNA mutations. Also, the other part of her project is focused on investigating the role of mitochondria in the development of the human preimplantation embryo.





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