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--- Classical Greek Fonts and Utilities ---

-- About this site --

Last update: 5 June, 2003 - new fonts added. Antioch updated. For details see the What's New page.

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This site provides a resource for classicists, theologians, and anyone else who wishes to type Classical Greek into their PC (apologies to Mac users, who must look elsewhere). It contains a selection of Classical or polytonic Greek fonts (including a large number of Unicode fonts), various utilities to facilitate the process of typing Greek, and answers to a number of the common technical problems facing the twenty-first century Hellenist.

The site does not aim to provide a comprehensive selection of fonts and utilities - it contains just a few of the many available on the internet. If you feel there is a particular font or utility that should be included, then please email me.

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This particular page was last updated on June 5, 2003

If you have any comments or queries, please feel free to email me at matthew.robinson@balliol.ox.ac.uk.