Friends of the Petrie Museum Seminar Programme 2018-19

These hands-on seminars using objects from the collection take place from 6-7.30pm in the Petrie Museum. They are open only to members of the Friends, and because of space restrictions attendance is limited to 8-10 places which are allocated in advance by ballot.
For further information please contact the secretary:

17 October 2018
Wolfram Grajetzki,  Objects of daily life in Egyptian tombs? The change in burial customs under Ramses II

14 November 2018
Anna Garnett,  Material Culture of Ancient Sudan: from the Neolithic to the Meroitic Period

12 December 2018
Chloe Ward,  Archiving the excavation — tomb-cards, objects, and pencil marks

30 January 2019
Ellen Swift and Jo Stoner,  Musical instruments from Roman Egypt

13 February 2019
Hannah Pethen,  Rifeh: Local and national fashions in the Middle Kingdom

13 March 2019
John J Johnston,  A glaring pride: representations of the feline in the Petrie Museum

10 April 2019
Lucia Gahlin,  Nefertiti in the Petrie Museum

8 May 2019
Jan Picton,  Representing women in the Petrie Museum

12 June 2019
Valentina Gasperini,  The New Kingdom pottery from the Fayum

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