This superfamily is characterised by having a free non-septate test with a globular first chamber and a straight tubular second chamber. Members range from the late Silurian to Early Triassic.



Family Earlandiidae Cummings, 1955


·         Earlandia Plummer, 1930. Late Silurian to Early Triassic






Earlandia elegans Rauser-Chernousova and Reitlinger, Whitfield Gill, Yorkshire, England


Family Pseudoammodiscidae Conil and Lys, 1970


·         Brunsia Mikhaylov, 1935. Devonian to Carboniferous (Tournaisian).





Brunsia Mikhaylov, Gayle Beck, Hawes Limestone, Yorkshire, England


·         Brunsiella Reytlinger, 1950. Carboniferous (Visean) to early Permian.






Brunsiella buskensis (Brazhnikova), Hardraw Scar Limestone, Yorkshire, England