Box Office Blunders

Debunking the science in blockbuster films
Now Showing... "The Core"

A UCL Earth Sciences workshop which seeks out the scientific blunders in the blockbuster film, "The Core". This highly interactive workshop introduces secondary school students to the physics of the interior of the Earth, as well as giving a brief insight into the techniques used by scientists to probe the deep depths of the planet beneath our feet.

Workshop Details

The students are split up into small groups and shown a short clip of the popular film "The Core". Each group then tries to identify as many of the scientific blunders in the clip as they can, as well as the factual content. These are then discussed as a class, followed by an explanation of the science behind the clip.

  • Year 10/11 Science Students
  • 1 hr - ~90 minutes
  • Up to 35 students
  • Within the classroom

Previous Workshops

Student Feedback, Eastlea Community School

"It was very useful to revise science through an action packed movie"

"Fun workshop!"

Student Feedback, Skinners' Academy

"This workshop was really fun and proved that films aren’t always right"

"I really enjoyed the workshop, I learnt a lot about the Earth’s layers"

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