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Classic texts on Bentham and Utilitarianism

  • Leslie Stephen The English Utilitarians, 3 vols., London, 1900.
  • John Stuart Mill, Bentham, London and Westminster Review, Aug. 1838, revised in 1859 in Dissertations and Discussions; political, philosophical and historical. Reprinted chiefly from the Edinburgh and Westminster Reviews, 4 vols., London, 1859-75, vol. 1.
  • Henry Sidgwick Bentham and Benthamism in Politics and Ethics, The Fortnightly Review, 21, January-June 1877, pp. 627-652.

Humanities and Social Sciences





  • Lecture at LSE Professor Richard Layard, in the Lionel Robbins Memorial Lectures, entitled 'Happiness: has social science a clue?' delivered at LSE in March 2003, puts the case for a 'Return to Bentham'.


  • Human News a news service which tries to quantify the importance of each story and to set its length accordingly



Full-text humanities databases available by subscription to InteLex.

The Complete Works and the Correspondence Vols. 1-10, (edited by the Bentham Project and published by Oxford University Press) in an electronic version available by subscription from Intelex. Available to UCL staff and students here.