Bentham Project

Centre For Politics, Law and Society Seminars 1998/99

Ronald Dworkin conducts the seminars in the second and third terms.

October 14: Fred Rosen UCL
    `Reading Hume backwards: the idea of utility in Hume and Bentham'

    October 21: Paul Kelly LSE
    `Classical utilitarianism and freedom'

    October 28: Roger Crisp Oxford
    `Self-love and the general interest: Hume on impartiality'

    November 4: Michael Otsuka UCL
    `Political society as a voluntary association: A reconstruction and critique of the Lockean ideal'

    November 18: John Charvet LSE
    'How much equality should we want?

    November 25: Peter Nicholson York
    `A family quarrel? T H Green's heirs examine their political inheritance'

    December 2: Jonathan Riley Tulane University
    `Toward an optimal constitutional code: Bentham versus J S Mill'

    December 9: David Weinstein Wake Forest University
    `D G Ritchie's evolutionary utilitarianism and the spectre of Herbert Spencer'

    January 13: Ronald Dworkin UCL

    January 20: Susan Mendus York
    `Pluralism and modernity'

    January 27: G.A. Cohen Oxford

    February 3: John Gray LSE
    `Where pluralists and liberals part company'

    February 10: Jonathan Wolff UCL
    `Ability, disability, and equality'

    May 19: John Skorupski University of St. Andrews

    May 26: Anthony Appiah Harvard

    June 2: Tim Scanlon Harvard