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Metrology, Large Volume Metrology and Digital Manufacturing

LUMINAR - Large volume Unified Metrology for Industry, Novel Applications & Research

LUMINAR, research poster presented at EPMC conference 2015. Reducing the effects of refraction on photogrammetry in LVM.

EU Project LUMINAR (Large volume Unified Metrology for Industry, Novel Applications & Research) is being undertaken to tackle several fundamental issues affecting user of Large Volume Metrology in industrial environments.  The objective of the EU-funded project is to understand and reduce environmental variations in large volume metrology (LVM). The specific task of the UCL team is to develop enhanced photogrammetric techniques to meet this.

Light Controlled Factory (LCF)

Light Controlled Factory, research poster presented at EPMC conference 2015. Multi-camera systems for dimensional control in factories.

This project will investigate and develop novel and interlinked measurement-enabled technologies for realising the next generation of factories for the "Assembly, Integration and Test" (AIT) of high value products. The vision is for the widespread adoption and interlinked deployment of novel, measurement-based techniques in factories, to provide machines and parts with aspects of temporal, spatial and dimensional self-awareness, enabling superior machine control and parts verification. The title "Light Controlled Factory" reflects the enabling role of optical metrology in future factories. A grant of £2.5million comes from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the research team, Bath University leading the project and the 3DIMPact team at UCL, have secured match-funding in excess of £1.25 million from ten industrial partners including Airbus, Astrium Satellites, Rolls-Royce, Renishaw and the National Physical Laboratory.

3DIMPact online: metrology knowledge base

3DIMPact online: A new resource for Portable Coordinate Metrology and Large Volume Metrology, with a directory of over 800 global providers and several hundered PCM and LVM case studies.

UCL Enterprise Knowledge Exchange Grant (Discovery to Use program) of £50,000 including match-funding from two commercial sponsors for the development of a 3DIMPact Online academy and Knowledge database about Metrology. Collaboration of UCL CEGE with Publisher Geomares (NL) and SENAI (Brazil).

This developing metrology portal aims to attract a world-wide audience and during the 12-month proof-of-concept phase must increasingly expand its public presence.

Improving automated 3D reconstruction methods via vision metrology solutions - Portable Metric Test artefact

Portable Metric (Heritage) Test Object, Vision Metrology research

This project aims to provide a procedure for improving automated 3D reconstruction methods via vision metrology. The 3D reconstruction problem is generally addressed using two different approaches. On the one hand, vision metrology (VM) systems try to accurately derive 3D coordinates of few sparse object points for industrial measurement and inspection applications; on the other, recent dense image matching (DIM) algorithms are designed to produce dense point clouds for surface representations and analyses. This project strives to demonstrate a step towards narrowing the gap between traditional VM and DIM approaches. Geometric analyses and accuracy evaluations are performed on the output of the matching from photogrammetric 3D reconstructions (i.e. the point clouds) by adopting a metrological approach based on the use of known geometric shapes and quality parameters derived from VDI/VDE guidelines. Tests are carried out by imaging the calibrated Portable Metric Test Object, designed and built at University College London (UCL), UK. It allows assessment of the performance of the image orientation and matching procedures within a typical industrial scenario, characterised by poor texture and known 3D/2D shapes.

Understanding Large Scale Metrology 

A DTI project to help end users understand the technology behind the techniques of large scale (large volume) metrology. A partnership between UCL, the UK's National Physical Lab (NPL) and Leica Geosystems.