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Hannah Corcoran

Hannah Corcoran, 3DIMPact researcher

Sponsored by NPL (National Physical Laboratories, Teddington, UK)

High resolution XCT is increasingly being used for metrology and inspection; until recently X-ray CT metrology had just been used to detect flaws. There has, however, been an increase in demand within manufacture and its associated metrology to use the technique for measuring and to have traceability on these measurements.

This project will investigate the methods for the verification of XCT systems, and will involve both the hands on experience of acquiring and optimising data as well as designing single and multi-material samples.  Surface extraction from the CT volume will also be carried out.  It is hoped that the work will feed into the development of an ISO standard that will enable X-ray CT metrology to become a standard method for samples where traditional touch probe metrology methods cannot currently be used.

Hannah studied at UCL for an MSc in Surveying and has worked as a land surveyor before starting her EngD.


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