UCL 3DIMPact research group at UCL CEGE


Fabio Panella


Structural Engineer

iCase studentship with Arup & Partners,

Evaluating The Impact Of The Rls Duties

Inspection and maintenance of tunnels is a challenging and demanding process, due to the complex surveillance conditions and large scale requirements. Due to tunnel ageing, their efficient inspection has become a topic of great concern in engineering. There are several factors affecting the health of a tunnel and these factors should be efficiently and effectively monitored and assessed in order the engineers to understand the reasons of a structure degradation. Arup & Partners  is currently working on a project looking at non destructive and innovative techniques  in detecting defects within the underground structures. The measurement activity is based on a number of key requirements. There is a requirement for high levels of confidence in the measurements acquired. This is to facilitate management and maintenance of that kind of structures. Another key focus is to automate the process in order to dramatically reduce the need of workers and/or engineers during the inspection: tunnels represent a confined and potentially contaminated space and the traditional way of monitoring tunnels is expensive and extremely time consuming and its accuracy depends on the sensitiveness, the ability and the level of stress of the engineer. The focus of this study is to be able to confidently detect and measure the relevant damages which is possible to find scanning the lining of the buried structures, where these measurements are used to improve the reliability and the effectiveness of the inspections. In order to acquire this knowledge, there will be the need to have capable measurement procedures and systems. It is in the interest of Arup & Partners to ensure build conformance, by having confidence in the manufactured structure as well as to ensure the expected benefits materialise as a consequence of the new inspection method.