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Danny Garside

Appearance of Objects in Museums under LED illumination

Danny Garside, 3DIMPact researcherDaniel Garside SEAHA Poster

Danny Garside is a PhD researcher within the 3DIMPact group, working since May 2015 on a project funded by an EPSRC iCASE award supported by Philips and The British Museum, and affiliated to SEAHA. The project title is ‘Appearance of Objects in Museums under LED Illumination’.

Objects are displayed in museums primarily to be visually examined by interested observers. Besides daylight, additional electric light sources are generally required for illumination. However, many museum objects (e.g. papyrus, dyed textiles, feathers, ivory etc.) are light sensitive and special care must be taken to light them in a manner such that they are preserved as well as is possible for future generations.

This project aims to explore and define the visual requirements of museum lighting, based on the subjective observations of visitors, in order that the appearance of objects in the spaces that house them can be optimised, whilst meeting conservation requirements, utilising a combination of new illumination technologies and extended understanding of the human visual system and visitor expectations.

Danny Garside has a background in photographic and visual sciences, with a specialisation in colour science. Previous to joining UCL he taught as a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster.

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