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Charles Thomson

Chadwick Green BIM,  UCLCharles Thomson, 3DIMPact researcher

Since March 2011 I have worked with colleagues within the department to establish BIM as a relevant subject. This involved gaining a good foundation knowledge while establishing links to industry partners for case studies into how laser scanning could be best utilised. Also a Higher Education London Outreach (HELO) project was set up with UCL Advances and an SME to advise them on the integration of laser scanning towards BIM production in their company. From this initial groundwork I was offered a MPhil/PhD studentship. My research looks into Building Information Modelling and automating the processes of real world data capture to facilitate the BIM workflow using 3D Laser Scanning. I also participate as an active member of the Government BIM Task Group on Laser Scanning.

The Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering Department (CEGE) at UCL has seen the industrial consensus forming around BIM and felt it important to perform multi-disciplinary research in this field. The topic has the potential of bringing together interests from across the CEGE department and my PhD studentship is the first step towards this.

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