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Ben Sargeant


Research: Use of an actively deformable sensor mounting platform for large volume, high accuracy measurement

Ben Sargeant working on robotics, 3DIMPact researcher

iCASE studentship sponsored by Airbus
Airbus Operations Ltd is currently working on a project looking at techniques for measuring key aerodynamic surface profile characteristics. The measurement activity is based on a number of key requirements. There is a requirement for high levels of confidence in the measurements acquired. This is to facilitate design, aerodynamics and production in their evaluation of the constraints and opportunities for future wing build proposals. The focus of this study is to be able to confidently measure the relevant characteristics defined by aerodynamics and design, where these measurements are used to verify improved performance and flight efficiency. In order to acquire this knowledge, there will be the need to have capable measurement procedures and systems. It is in the interest of Airbus to ensure build conformance, by having confidence in the manufactured structure as well as to ensure the expected benefits materialise as a consequence of the manufactured aerodynamic tolerances.


3DIMPact Project collaboration