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Anita Soni

Railway Monitoring, Anita Soni

Project:Sponsored by Network Rail

Anita Soni, 3DIMPact researcher

The Thameslink Project involves a £5 billion upgrade of a major railway line through

Central London. The protection of existing buildings and activities as well as major transport infrastructure hubs (e.g. Kings Cross/St Pancras, Blackfriars, Farringdon and London Bridge) is essential to making such developments sustainable as transport solutions. Monitoring is a fundamental requirement for safety, protection and operational efficiency. Current railway monitoring activities involve placing targets by drilling, clamping or gluing directly onto the structures which can be intrusive, create safety issues as well as be time consuming and expensive.

Advances in survey techniques, particularly with laser scanning and photogrammetry, offer the possibility to remotely capture vast amounts of data quickly without the need of direct surface contact. This could significantly reduce the costs and time expenses, as well as safety issues currently involved. In parallel, new visualisation and mixed reality computing technologies offer the potential for rapid on-site confirmation of changes rather than the numeric feedback of current techniques.

Anita's research project is looking into key issues for the application of new spatial measurement techniques including the accuracy and precision achievable, handling the data volumes generated and the ability to rapidly analyse and communicate results. This involves investigating a selection of current railway monitoring situations and segmenting their existing instrumentation with new technologies. Careful design using numerical simulation in combination with real data will allow quantitative and qualitative comparisons of the capabilities of different techniques and lead to the development of best practice for their adoption (including cost/benefit analysis).


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