Point Clouds


For people to become familiar with point clouds, we provide some examples below. They were captured using our FARO Photon 120 or FARO Focus3D terrestrial laser scanner. The first example shows an outdoor street scene. The scans were taken during the day in South London. The second example is an indoor scene. It shows the 1st floor lab area of the CEGE building. The third and forth examples show some of the UCL Museums.

We host these point clouds using CloudCaster. To get you started with basic navigation click on the "help" menu. If you wish to zoom we recommend clicking “Settings” and reducing the "Zoom Sensitivity" one notch to the left. If you want to inspect a specific are of interest click "View" and select "Inspect New Point" and click on a point in your area of interest. Also we recommend making use of the default views "top", "front", etc.

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