3D GeoInfo 2020


Call for Papers - EuroSDR Track

Call for papers - EuroSDR track for work linked to National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies

We're very pleased to be hosting a special EuroSDR session aimed at work linked to National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies.  For this track, we are particularly interested in work carried out by or in collaboration with National Mapping and Cadastral Agenices, or work that may be of interest to NMCAs.   This could include - but is not limited to: 

  • Topographic data and derivation of 3D models. workflows, processes and tools
  • Enrichment and refinement of 3D topographic data to obtain 3D models with more elements than buildings, for example bridges, tunnels, roads, channels, waterbodies, vegetation, etc.
  • Relationship between 3D topographic data and 2D cadastral data, 3D cadastral systems
  • Generalization of 3D models
  • Relationship between 3D models and urban sustainability applications
  • Automatic detection of changes in urban environment
  • Usability of 3D data and 3D models, including methods to obtain feedback from the users and to exchange information with them
  • How to assess the quality of 3D models
  • High definition 3D mapping
  • Combining multiple point clouds from different sources
  • Funding models for 3D data capture and maintenance (e.g. at national scale)
  • National specifications for 3D models

(for submission please follow the standard submission instructions)