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Valuing our staff: review of progress

The quality and commitment of our staff is critical to the success of UCL.

Case study: My ID

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In July 2017, Rex Knight, Vice-Provost (Operations) and Professor Anthony Smith, Vice-Provost (Education & Student Affairs), sponsored the My ID campaign to significantly improve the quality and quantity of personal data for UCL staff. 

Accurate demographic data helps us identify the structural and attitudinal barriers that certain groups face in the workplace. It assists us in taking targeted action to remove them and make UCL a fairer and more inclusive employer. 

Yet we knew that our data in some areas could be better and without improvements, we would not be able to gain a true picture of our staff make up, or prioritise positive action where it may be needed most. 

As a result of the campaign, nearly 3,000 members of staff have updated their data and we can now look towards developing initiatives to improve staff experience.

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