UCL 2034


Integration of research and education

Objectives relating to this principal theme:

  • attract, recruit and retain a diverse community of committed, engaged and intellectually curious students who will become our lifelong partners in proactively creating a truly great university
  • innovate and improve our research-based educational provision to create a learning culture and curriculum structures that develop and foster critical independent thinking that is radical and disruptive, and contributes to problem solving
  • ensure that our students, at every level (UG, PGT and PGR), feel that they are a key and integral part of our university community, and that their opinions and suggestions are valued and acted upon, as full partners in the future of UCL
  • achieve high levels of student satisfaction in the National Student Survey and International Barometer, placing us in the top quartile of performance of Russell Group universities
  • ensure that the specific needs of PGT and PGR students are understood and addressed, such that we develop a global reputation for excellence in postgraduate education
  • ensure that we understand and address the specific needs of all our international students, support them fully and help them to integrate into the unique experience that is UCL
  • develop world-class physical facilities for study and learning
  • become a world leader in the use of technology to enhance the student experience and the quality of learning
  • develop a transformational skills, training, work placement and entrepreneurship agenda to ensure that UCL students are prepared to take an active role in contributing positively to global society and are the most sought after by employers.