UCL 2034


Academic leadership

We will seek, attract, develop and retain people with the imagination and insight to address questions whose significance are not yet readily apparent, or to provide new answers to puzzles that have frustrated all others.

The ability to cultivate and support these talented individuals is a critical test of a global university.

We will expect all our departments and faculties to rise to the challenge of valuing their educational activities alongside their research, innovation and enterprise, and to support and develop all staff, such that they will inspire our students, give them a distinctive UCL experience and nurture their academic and personal development.

Objectives relating to this principal theme

  • Attract, retain and cultivate intellectual leaders across the full range of subject areas — and from a diverse range of backgrounds — seeking those who combine a deep commitment to their own discipline(s), openness to work across disciplines in research, education and for societal benefit, and the ability to determine their own intellectual direction
  • Maintain and improve the diverse environments required to support academic leaders in different fields and of different styles
  • be vigilant against threats to the fundamental academic freedoms that such intellectual leadership requires
  • Develop our staff at all career stages to act as exemplars through their academic, professional and intellectual pursuits, and to be confident and effective at engaging with students as partners in our global endeavour
  • Be a leading performer, within the top two, in UK research income and Research Excellence Framework performance.