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London’s Global University: review of progress

Universities are 'of their place', shaped by the city and country in which they are, and in turn shaping and influencing these.

UCL, as London’s Global University, absolutely reflects this. We are in London, an integral part of the city physically, architecturally, culturally, economically. We are of London, reflecting its strengths and challenges, with London core to our identity and outlook, and – with staff and students from over 150 countries – global in reach.  

And as a world-leading, comprehensive, research-intensive university we have outstanding opportunities to be 'for' London. Vital is partnership, a great strength of UCL. Working with our many partners from amongst London’s communities, leaders, businesses and organisations, we have the opportunity to unlock outstanding outcomes and overcome challenges for this great city we share.

Dr Celia Caulcott, UCL Vice-Provost (Enterprise & London)

Case study: Bats in the city

Bats in the city

Bat calls are too high for the human ear, so UCL researchers have slowed down some of these recordings of bats in London for you to hear. As part of a project called Nature Smart Cities, they’ve created a bat monitoring system in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The real-time data the system collects will help answer questions about what makes a park good or bad for wildlife.

Case study: Travelling lighter

Travelling lighter

Matt Majewski, Business Analytics (with specialisation in Computer Science) MSc (2016) and Jacob Wedderburn-Day, Economics MSc (2016) were studying at UCL when they founded Stasher, a cheap alternative to left luggage, with their friend, Anthony Collias.

UCL Innovation and Enterprise provided them with a headquarters in central London and now they handle over 40,000 bags a year.

Find out more at www.stasher.com

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