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London’s Global University: review of progress (2015–16)

Case studies for this principal theme

London’s Global University: in London, of London and for London – this is how we describe our vision for UCL’s role in the capital.

We have a rich tradition of supporting the development of our city, and we are firmly focused on increasing our impact and making a difference here in the future.

For UCL, being located in London – one of the world’s greatest cities – the opportunity to strengthen our local economy and contribute to its success is outstanding. We share with London so many of its opportunities and challenges, and with well over 50,000 staff and students from 150 countries, we form a large and diverse community that engages with many aspects of London life. One such example in our neighbourhood is Welcoming Shelter, a structure designed by architecture student Charlie Redman to enhance a community garden in King’s Cross, which won the 2016 Architects’ Journal Small Projects Award.

Dr Celia Caulcott, UCL Vice-Provost (Enterprise & London)


London Transport Museum's 'Transported by Design' exhibition
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Case studies

Improving access to justice

UCL Laws students give legal advice to patients of a Newham GP practice.

Celebrating Autism Awareness Week

Pupils talked about what autism feels like in a film by UCL’s Centre for Research in Autism and Education.

Making Future Cities with Intel

We are using the Olympic Park as a laboratory for sustainable cities.

Data display of London’s transport infrastructure

A UCL academic is behind the UK’s largest data display, which visualises London’s transport infrastructure in real time.

Theatre in translation

Our forum is supporting the best theatre in translation.  

3D modelling for the construction industry

A business developed at and supported by UCL will radically cut costs.

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