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Improving online feedback for students

Principal theme: Integration of research and teaching

We use Moodle, the virtual learning environment, for all taught modules and programmes at UCL. 

As well as to communicate with tutors and peers, students use it to access their assessments and complete practice quizzes. At present they cannot access their feedback across modules on one page, because Moodle requires them to access this from each course independently.

Tutors discussing teaching methods at UCL Arena © Asher Foyle

UCL Information Services Division have developed a new Moodle plug-in, My Feedback Report, that displays marks in a single view, in a format that helps students to understand better the variety of feedback they receive, and to reflect on their feedback to see how they can improve in future assessments.

The development team are using feedback from a trial with more than 700 Engineering students, and are putting together a guide to using the plug-in, which has been released to the community under an open source licence and is available to download from moodle.org. Opening up the plug-in to the community also means that anyone can help to develop the software.



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