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Integration of research and education: review of progress (2015–16)

Case studies for this principal theme

UCL is known for its radical approach to education. Our astonishing breadth of activity and diverse population coupled with technological advances afford us a great opportunity to interpret this radical approach in exciting new ways.

At the heart of this is our belief that the twin roles of a university – generating knowledge and inspiring teaching – can be brought together to the benefit of all. We want to help our students on their journey to the edge of knowledge – their own, but also potentially that of their chosen discipline.

We are committed to fostering independent, critical thinking in fresh contexts with access to top-quality support, so that our students are qualified and motivated to make an impact on society – in ways they might never have previously considered.

The experiences below illustrate the appetite for this approach and the profound effects that it has already had on members of the UCL community.

Professor Anthony Smith, UCL Vice-Provost (Education and Student Affairs)



John Smeaton, High Energy Physics Group
© UCL Physics & Astronomy

Case studies

Students take on global challenges on our Global Citizenship Programme

“The best two weeks of my degree.”

Undergraduate researchers in UCL Physics & Astronomy

A new ‘Nexus Lab’ is the latest research project students are involved in.

Bringing staff and students together at the UCL Teaching & Learning Conference

Our annual event saw increased engagement, with record student numbers.

Learning from students in the UCL Petrie Museum

Two internships helped staff to understand how students use the collections.

Improving online feedback for students

We have developed a new plug-in to help students get the most out of Moodle.

Meet your researcher in Linguistics

Researchers make connections with undergraduates at the start of their studies. 

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