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An accessible, publicly engaged organisation: review of progress

At UCL, we value collaboration, partnership and dialogue with our local community.

Our Public Engagement Unit celebrates its 10th anniversary next year and, through its pioneering work, we know that the more diverse the voices that we listen to and engage with, the more we will thrive as a university.

We offer our students an education that helps them to become thoughtful, resilient and engaged citizens. With our help, our student volunteers have set up and run numerous community projects – from teaching British politics and democracy to primary school students to attending asylum hearings in support of unaccompanied young Albanians.

Through our continuing outreach work, we will ensure that a UCL education is open to all those who have the talent to study here, irrespective of background.

Rex Knight, UCL Vice-Provost (Operations)

Case study: Opera at the museum

Opera at the museum

Muso is a project in which academia, opera and museums come together to explore the power of collections. It began at the UCL Grant Museum of Zoology.
Footage courtesy of TEAfilms

Case study: 1984 LIVE 

1984 Live

The UK’s first-ever live reading of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four took place as part of our free, week-long Festival of Culture. It was organised by UCL and the Orwell Foundation.

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