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Communicating and engaging: review of progress

In today’s globalised environment, we need to ensure that UCL is fully engaged with our increasingly interconnected world, projecting our values, work and the benefits that we deliver for society.

Case study: UCL News website and Media Relations team

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We all know that great things happen every day at UCL. But how do we know?

The chances are that the UCL News website is your main source of information about UCL’s discoveries, achievements and accolades. The site is run by the UCL Media Relations team, based in the Division of Communications and Marketing. In 2018, the team published around 170 stories on the UCL News website, highlighting UCL’s position as a research leader and policy influencer with a global impact.

Media Relations also works to connect experts at UCL with the media, meaning that our academics provide comment, context and analysis on some of the world’s most important events. In 2018 Media Relations fielded around 580 media requests for experts, and introduced ‘proactive’ expert advisories, resulting in over 30 top tier broadcast appearances for UCL academics.

We’ve also had nearly 900 pieces of ‘top tier’ media coverage, with our experts appearing in outlets worldwide including the BBC, ITV, Al Jazeera, the Financial Times, the Daily Mail and the Huffington Post. They’ve lent their expertise and opinions on everything from politics (Brexit, the US midterm elections) to healthcare (the role of AI), history (the 100th anniversary of the Armistice) to science (the launch of space probes to study the Sun) and climate change (the UN report on climate change) to culture (the historical context of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels) – and even on toilet design through the ages!

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