This coaching pack gives you the opportunity to choose your own coaching information.

Training Sessions - You can choose three from this section

  1. Hands on 14. Intercepting
  2. Long Ball 15. Inside & Outside Leg
  3. Short Ball 16. Shooting Circle
  4. Clearing Runs 17. Squash Court Session
  5. Footwork/Small Feet 18. Circuit Training
  6. Pass & Cut 19. Talking on Court
  7. Zoning/Space Marking 20. Loose Ball
  8. Options/Ball Carrier 21. Shooting - Circle Rotation
  9. Getting Free 22. Shooting - Triangle feeds
  10. One on One Defence 23. Shooting - Clearing Runs
  11. Defending in Front 24. Shooting - GA working head of circle
  12. Peripheral Vision 25. Shooting - Getting Free
  13. Systems/Set Moves

Team Strategies - You can choose two from this section

  1. Centre Passes 5. Court Systems
  2. Base line throw-ins (attack) 6. Defensive Zone (defence third)
  3. Base line throw-ins (defence) 7. Centre Court Press/Transverse Line Press
  4. Side line throw-ins

Training Information - You can choose two from this section

  1. Shooting - Weekly Training Session One 6. Warm Up One
  2. Shooting - Weekly Training Session Two 7. Warm Up Two
  3. Buddy System - Shooting 8. Warm Up Three
  4. Buddy System - Centre Court 9. Warm Up Four
  5. Buddy System - Defence 10. Warm Up Five
    1. Individual Court Circuits

To purcase all of the above the cost is $60.00 plus $5.00 postage and packaging.

Please tick next to the sessions you would like included in your pack. There is a $2.50 postage and packaging charge in addition to the pack price so please send cheque or money order for $12.50, along with your name and postal details to:

Netballers Coaching Consultancy

PO Box 7130

REDLAND BAY QLD 4165 Ph: (07) 3206 7393

A video 'Shooting for Excellence' is also available for $25.00 which includes P & P. This video includes technique, attacking moves and training programmes.

You will receive your new coaching pack or video within seven days on receipt of payment. Thank you.
Melissa O'Brien NB Postage and packaging is double from the UK.

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