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We have our very own netball discussion (email) list "netballstuff" now run via the Coollist service. This list is intended for anyone interested in netball to have an opportunity to communicate with other like-minded souls: to ask for, and offer, information about clubs, leagues, tournaments and the like, and to discuss topical issues such as rule changes and interpretations etc. In fact, anything which relates to netball is a fit topic for the list: the only things which it is not intended to provide is a mechanism for commercial activity.

In order to maximise accessibility, the list is run as an open, unmoderated list at present, although information about the list is restricted to its menbers (so you have to join to see who else is on it, for instance). This means that anyone can send a message to the group, although we will be monitoring the list for junk mail and will change to closed membership if this becomes a problem. At present there is a single list for all purposes, although should traffic demand it we can create a number of sublists in due course for more specialist interests. An archive of past material is available from the coollist site.

If you wish to join the list, simply enter your email address in the box below and click the submit button. You will be asked to enter a few brief details about yourself and then your membership will be processed. Please note: Coollist is a free service, and as such can sometimes get rather overloaded. So if you cannot get a response immediately (which is sometimes the case), please try again later, it's just congestion on their server. Remember that once you're signed up, you can do everything by email, so there'll only be these delays once - or not at all if you're lucky! If you really get stuck trying to join, please write to me and I'll put you on the list manually.

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