Disabled & Handicapped Children - Belinda Reig's exercises


I am listing below what items I am implementing with my special young lady who has osteogenesis imperfecta ( brittle bone disease ). Bear in mind that this is the first year we are trying these routines and drills so you can suggest these to any other coaches who may need help setting up sessions for this disability. I have worked hand in hand with an occupational therapist and she has gone through the sessions and feels they are great, so we'll certainly see how we go this year!!

Eye Tracking: Have an eye tracking chart with numbers 1 -30 written out ( not in sequence ). Child to follow number patterns i.e. all the odds, all the evens, all the three's, try in different positions e.g. to the right, to the left, 45 degree angle.

Eye Tracking: Throwing specially made bean bags in the air & catch them on both palms, then clap and catch. Try with different size bean bags - i.e. small round, larger round and large square ( I made special bean bags out of frayed lace material which has the weight, but soft and cannot hurt as the filling, sewed in flannelette material ).

Foam Targets: Made targets all different, ones like a bullseye with 1,2 & 3 on it, one with target with 1,2,3, holes cut out of foam, one with two large netball size holes out so good for getting ball through hole, Foam Target with numbers 1 to 26 written onit ( this one they have to hit the odd numbers, then the evens numbers, then all numbers ending in 3 ( 3 in all ), all numbers ending in 8 ( 2 in all ) all numbers ending in 1 ( 3 in all ), Garbage Lid Target - cut large hole out of the middle so ball could be thrown through.

Pantyhose Stocking Targets: Get an old pantyhose and fill this will scrunched up newspaper on both legs. These are excellent for hitting with a paddle bat and with bean bags - impact will not hurt child concerned. Good for reflexes also.

Also Balloon Bouncing: With the aid of a hat, see how many times you can juggle the balloon by throwing in the air and catching it - do this say 8-10 times. Can attach balloon to paddle bat & get child to repeatedly bounce the ball a number of times.

Doing obstacle courses, Maneouvre wheelchair around hoops. Wheelaround one side of ropes. Then across hopscotch. Up to cones, touch cone then re-do circuit. Modified Crocodiles Mouth Obstacle Course:- Set up along long side of sideline. Go along line with wheelchair, then to the hoops, proceeding to throw the bean bags onto memory activity of pictures:- 1st sequence - throw small bean bags onto animal pictures, square bean bags onto cartoon characters, larger round bean bags onto cooking pictures. have a second sequence with different memory picture cards for child to recall. Then progress to cones where zig zag around cones occurs. Repeat course back the other way.

These ideas are being implemented for age bracket 9 to 10 years old.

As you can see, a lot of work has gone into this for her by my making all the necessary items but am sure that it will succeed and hope that you can use this information for anyone over there.

Great emailing you.! Regards -Belinda Reig Email metfabbs@gil.com.au

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