Directory of special collections

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G.C.Allen Papers (MS ADD 247)
Alternative Presses
Andrew Amos Lecture Notes (MS ADD 90)
Anglo-German Collection
Art Glass Case Collection


Bacon/Tottel Collection (MS OGDEN 7)
Bagehot Notebooks (MS ADD 81)
Balfour, Williamson & Company Ltd Archives
Bank of London & South America Ltd Archives
Barker Papers
Barlow Papers
F.J.F.Barrington Papers
Bayliss Papers (MS ADD 273)
Beesly Papers
H.H.Bellot Papers (MS ADD 204)
Arnold Bennett Papers (MS OGDEN 96 and MS ADD 299)
Bentham Collection
Bentham Manuscripts
Bibliography Glass Case Collection
Arthur Black Notebooks (MS ADD 257)
Joseph Black Lectures, notes (MS ADD 96)
Blake Society Books
Boole-De Morgan Papers (MS ADD 97)
C.T.Borenius Lecture Notes (MS ADD 173)
Bowring Albums (MS OGDEN 62)
Sir John Rose Bradford Lectures, notes (UCH/MS/UNOF/14)
John Bright Letters (MS OGDEN 65)
British Maritime Law Association Archives
Brougham Papers
Brown Family Papers
Buenos Ayres & Pacific Railway Company Ltd Archives
Burdon-Sanderson Papers (MS ADD 179)
J.C.Burnett Notebooks (MS ADD 108)


Cameron Papers (MS ADD 253)
Carswell Drawings
Castiglione Collection
Celtic Store Books
Chadwick Papers
Chadwick Trust Archives
Chambers Collection
Clinton Notebooks (MS ADD 14)
College Archives
College Collection
Comfort Papers
Creevey Papers


Dante Collection
Darbishire Notebooks (MS ADD 275)
Eliza Davis Papers
Ralph Davis Papers
de Beer Papers
Debrett's Illustrated Peerage & Baronetage Correspondence (MS OGDEN 67)
De Morgan Papers (MS ADD 2-3; MS ADD 5-7; MS ADD 27; MS ADD 69; MS ADD 97)
M.B.Donald Manuscript (MS ADD 281)
T.L.Donaldson Lectures, notes (MS ADD 121)
Donnan Papers


Early Italian Collection
Early Renaissance Manuscripts
Egyptology Glass Case Collection
English Glass Case Collection
Euclid Collection
Examination Papers Archive Set


Flaxman Collection
Fleming Collection
Sir Banister Fletcher Lectures
Folklore Society Collection and Archives
Sir Gregory Foster Papers (MS ADD 103 & MS ADD 115)
Michael Foster Lecture Notes
Franciscan Society Collection


Gaelic Society Collection
Gaitskell Papers
Galton Collection
Galton Papers
Gaster Collection
Gaster Papers
Gardner Papers (MS ADD 82)
Gilbert Papers
Goldsmid Letterbooks
Gosset Letters (MS ADD 274)
R.E.Grant Papers
Graves Library
Graves Lectures (MS ADD 4; MS ADD 53)
Greenough Papers
Fritz Gross Papers (MS ADD 318)
Grote Papers (MS ADD 266)


Hacker Papers
Haldane Papers
Hannay Correspondence (MS ADD 203)
Heathcote Papers (MS ADD 270)
Helm Papers
Hertfordshire Natural History Society
Dawes Hicks Lecture Notes
History B Collection
History of Science Sources
Hone Letterbooks (MS OGDEN 73-74)
Horner Papers (MS ADD 260)
Horsley Papers
Housman (Laurence) Collection
Huguenot Society Library and Archives
Hume Tracts
Hurstfield Papers (MS ADD 271)
Frederick Huth & Company Archives




R.James Lecture Notes
Jenkinson Papers (MS ADD 47)
Jewish Collections
Edward Johnston & Company Ltd Archives
Johnston Lavis Collection
Daniel Jones Papers
J.Talfourd Jones Lecture Notes (MS ADD 261/7)
Josephus Collection
James Joyce Collection
Attila József papers


Thomas Kabdebo Papers (MS ADD 290)
B.A.Keen Correspondence (MS ADD 297)
W.P.Ker Papers
Thomas Key Papers (MS ADD 46)


La Curne de Sainte-Palaye Manuscripts
Sir Edwin Lankester Lectures, notes (MS ADD 95)
Lansdowne Tracts
Latin American Collections
Learned Society Libraries
Leighton Correspondence (MS ADD 72)
Lester Collection
Bunnell Lewis Papers (MS ADD 291)
H.K.Lewis & Co. Archives
T.H.Lewis Notebooks (MS ADD 33-34)
Librarian's Room Collection
Lidderdale Collection
Little Magazines
Loch Papers (MS ADD 131)
Lodge Papers (MS ADD 89)
Lodge's Peerage Correspondence (MS OGDEN 78)
London History Collection
London Mathematical Society Archive
Lord Somers Tracts


Cavan McCarthy Papers (MS ADD 209)
Macgregor-Morris Notebooks (MS ADD 64-65)
Malacological Society
John Marshall Papers (MS ADD 91)
J.R.Marshman Papers (MS ADD 223)
Medieval Manuscripts
Old Mocatta Library
F.C.Montague Papers (MS ADD 12)
Montefiore Collection
Montefiore Family Papers
John Morris Papers
Murison Papers (MS ADD 15-26)
Margaret Murray Collection (MS ADD 155 & MS ADD 387)


Norris Photographs (LABA MISC.)


C.K. Ogden Library
C.K. Ogden Papers
Rudolf Olden Papers (MS ADD 276)
George Orwell Archive
Orwell Collection


Paget Papers
Palaeography Glass Case Collection
Parkes Papers
Peake Collection
Mervyn Peake Manuscripts (MS ADD 234)
Egon Sharpe Pearson Papers
Karl Pearson Papers
Penrose Papers
Perry Papers (MS ADD 279)
Peruvian Corporation Archives
Phillipps Manuscripts
Piranesi Collection
Plowman Papers
Poetry Store X
Pollard Notebooks (MS ADD 80)
Powell Lecture Notes (MS ADD 295)


Ramsay Papers
Rare Arts Periodicals
Rare Book Collections
Rare Science Periodicals
Rees Papers
Reynolds Correspondence (MS ADD 304)
Ricardo Letterbook (MS ANGL 11)
Arthur Ricketts Lecture Notes
River & Mercantile Trust Archives
Robertson Papers (MS ADD 88)
Nathaniel Rogers lecture notes (MS ADD 313)
Elizabeth Ross Papers
Rossetti Letters (MS OGDEN 82)
Sir John Rotton Library
Routledge & Kegan Paul Archives
Royal Mail Steam Packet Company Archives
John Russell Papers (MS OGDEN 83-85)
Lord Odo Russell Collection (MS ADD 254)


Saint Christopher's Working Boys' Club Records (MS ADD 287)
Sainte-Palaye Manuscripts
Santa Rosa Milling Company Ltd Archives
Schroder Wagg, J.Henry & Company Ltd Archives
Shakespeare Association Records
Sharpe Family Papers
Sharpey Papers
A.H.Smith Slide Collection
James Smith Letters (MS ADD 118)
Smith Woodward Collection
Sir Arthur Smith Woodward Papers (MS ADD 242)
Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge Archives
Soup Kitchen for the Jewish Poor Records (MS ADD 8)
Whitley Stokes Collection
Charlotte Stopes Papers (MS ADD 157)
Julia Strachey Papers
Strang Papers (MS ADD 296)
Strong Room Rare Books Collection
Symons Papers (MS ADD 200)


Tewkesbury Vicars Collection
Thane Papers (MS ADD 282 & MS ADD 298)
J.A.C.Thomas Papers
TLALOC Archives
Townsend Papers
Travers Papers


Underground Presses
UCL Local Association of University Teachers Records (MS ADD 85)
United Railways of the Havana & Regla Warehouses Ltd Archives


Walshe Papers (MS ADD 301)
Ward Family Papers (MS ADD 202)
D.M.S.Watson Papers (MS ADD 112 & 386)
Weaver Papers
Western Telegraph Company Ltd Archives
Richard Francis Weymouth Letterbook (MS ADD 231)
Vera Wilkinson Student Papers
C.J.B.Williams Lectures, notes (MS ADD 286)
Abraham Wolf Papers (MS ADD 42)
Lucien Wolf Papers
Wollaston Papers
Wood Papers
Sir Arthur Smith Woodward Papers (MS ADD 242)


Yates Papers (MS ADD 71 & 74)
J.Z.Young Papers
Thomas Young Notebooks


Zola Letters (MS OGDEN 95)