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On Consciousness, a book of 11 revised papers in the philosophy of mind, including most of those below, Edinburgh University Press, 2004. German translation forthcoming.      

'Consciousness as Existence, Devout Physicalism, Spiritualism', paper to Towards a Science of Consciousness Conference , Prague.  Fifth paper on a theme. Mind and Matter, 2004.

`Perceptual, Reflective and Affective Consciousness as Existence', Minds and Persons, Royal Institute  of Philosophy Lectures, ed. Anthony O'Hear, Cambridge University Press. 4th paper on a theme.

`Consciousness as Existence, and the End of Intentionality', 2001, in Philosophy at the New Milleneum, Royal Institute of Philosophy Lectures  1999-2000, ed. Anthony O'Hear, Cambridge University Press. 3rd paper on a theme. Denial of intentionality in perceptual consciousness.

`Consciousness  as Existence Again', 2000, Proceedings of the Twentieth  World Congress in Philosophy, Vol. 9, Philosophy of Mind, ed. B. Elevitch,  Bowling Green Philosophy Documentation Centre; also the journal Theoria. Puts right slips in the previous paper`Consciousness as Existence'.  2nd paper on a theme. 

`Consciousness as Existence', 1997, in Current Issues in the Philosophy  of Mind, Royal Institute of Philosophy Lectures for 1996-7, ed. Anthony O'Hear,  Cambridge University Press. 1st paper on a theme. Contains a slip or two corrected in 'Consciousness as Existence Again'.

`Consciousness and Inner Tubes', 2000, in Journal of Consciousness Studies,  Vol. 7, No. 7, pp. 51-62. An extended review of David Papineau's Introducing  Consciousness, a good book but with the properties of much of the current  scientized philosophy of mind.  

`Consciousness, Neural Functionalism, Real Subjectivity', 1995, American Philosophical Quarterly. Mainly a critical examination of John Searle on humble truths about the mind in The Rediscovery of the Mind .

`Functionalism, Identity Theories, The Union Theory', 1994, The Mind-Body Problem: The  Current State of the Debate, ed. T. Szubka & R. Warner, Blackwells, pp.  215-235. Objections to functionalism and identity theories, support for Union Theory.  

`Seeing Things', 1994, Synthese, 98, pp. 51-71, 1994. Attempt, prior to Consciousness as Existence, to explain subjectivity of consciousness.          

`The Union Theory and Anti-Individualism', 1993, Mental Causation, ed. J. Heil and A. Mele, Oxford University Press.  Mainly against the anti-individualism or externalism of Putnam and Burge.

`Seeing Qualia  and Positing  the World', 1992, pp. 129-151, A. J. Ayer Memorial Essays , 1989-90 Royal Institute of Philosophy Lecture Series, Cambridge University Press, ed. A. Phillips-Griffiths. Critical examination of Ayer's final theory of perception in The Central Questions of Philosophy .

`Better the  Union Theory', 1991, Analysis, 51:3, pp. 166-173. Reply to an objection.  

Mind and Brain, 1990, 375 pp. (paperback of first part of A Theory of Determinism: The Mind, Neuroscience, and Life-Hopes) Oxford University Press. 

A Theory of Determinism: The Mind, Neuroscience and Life-Hopes, 1988, 644 pp., Oxford University Press.  

`Mind, Brain and Self-Conscious Mind', 1987, in C. Blakemore ed. Mindwaves. In part objection to Popper & Eccles, The Mind and Its Brain

`Mind,  Brain and Time: Rejoinder to Libet', 1986, Journal of Theoretical  Biology. Rejoinder to Libet's reply to paper below.  

`The  Time of a Conscious Sensory Experience and Mind-Brain Theories ', 1984,  Journal of Theoretical Biology. Objection to Benjamin Libet's research purporting to show that the mind is ahead of the brain.

`Actions and Psychophysical Intimacy', 1984, Inquiry, pp. 143-6. 

` Smith  and the Champion of Mauve', 1984, Analysis, pp. 86-9. Third paper in dispute about Davidson's Anomalous Monism.    

`Anomalous Monism: Reply to Smith', 1983, Analysis, pp. 147-9. Second paper in dispute about Davidson's Anomalous Monism. 

`The  Argument for Anomalous Monism', 1982, Analysis, pp 59-64. 1st paper in a dispute about Davidson's doctrine.      

`Nomological  Dualism: Reply  to Four Critics', 1981, Inquiry, pp. 419-38. Reply to critics of 'Psychophysical Lawlike Connections and Their Problem'.  

`Psychophysical Lawlike Connections and Their Problem', 1981, Inquiry,  pp.277-303. Accompanied  by commenting articles by J. L. Mackie, S. Stich, T. L. S. Sprigge, E. Wilson.       



On Determinism and Freedom, revised papers, including some of those below, Edinburgh University Press, 2004. German translation forthcoming.

'Mind the Guff: A Response to John Searle', Journal of Consciousness Studies, 2001. A critical examination of a paper by Searle on determinism and freedom.

'After Compatibilism and Incompatibilism', forthcoming in a volume of papers given at one of the Inland Northwest Philosophy Conferences, 2000. MIT Press.

'Determinism as True, Compatibilism and Incompatibilism as Both False, and  the Real Problem ', for Robert Kane, ed., The Free Will Handbook , 2001  

Philosopher: A Kind of Life, 2001, Routledge, contains some recent reflections on the subject, owed to thinking about my own past. 

`Determinism  and Freedom', 1999, entry for Encyclopedia of Philosophy Supplement . Revised & enlarged 2004. 

`Compatibilism, Incompatibilism, and the Smart Aleck', 1998, Philosophy and Phenomenological  Review. Reply to Richard Double.  

How Free Are You? The Determinism Problem, revised & enlarged edition 2002, 1st edition 1993, Oxford University Press, 145 pp. A condensation of A Theory of Determinism: The Mind Neuroscience and Life-Hopes, except for new final chapter in 2nd edition. German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish , Swedish translations. Sample chapter .         

The Consequences of Determinism, 1990, 245 pp., paperback of second part of A Theory of  Determinism: The  Mind, Neuroscience, and Life Hopes, Oxford University Press.     

A Theory of Determinism: The Mind, Neuroscience and Life-Hopes, 1988, 644 pp., Oxford University Press.  

`Determinism and Politics', 1982, Midwest Studies in Philosophy VII, pp. 365-88. Relation of determinism to traditions of conservatism, liberalism, the Left.           

review, 1980, Anthony Kenny, (i) Will, Freedom and Power and (ii) Freewill and Responsibility, in Mind, pp.21-33. 

Essays on Freedom of Action (ed.) 1973, 215 pp., Routledge and Kegan Paul. Essays on determinism and freedom by Davidson, Dennett, Frankfurt, Honderich, Kenny, Pears, Watling, Warnock, Wiggins.

`One Determinism', 1973, Essays on Freedom of Action, ed. Honderich, pp.187-203. 

A Conspectus of Determinism',   1970, Supplementary Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, pp. 191-216    

review, 1966, of Harald Ofstad, An Inquiry Into Freedom of Decision, in Inquiry .          


Philosopher: A Kind of Life, Routledge,  2001, last chapter, has in it a possible paradox having to do with causal explanation.    

`Causation:  One Thing Just  Happens After Another', 1992, The Philosophy of A. J. Ayer,  Library of Living Philosophers, ed. L. E. Hahn, Open Court. Objections to Ayer's account of causation. Reply by Ayer.

`Causation: Rejoinder to Sanford', 1987, Philosophy. 

`Causes and  "If p, even  if x, still q"', 1982, Philosophy, pp.291-317. Paper on the nature of causal and other lawlike connections.  

`Causes and Causal Circumstances as Necessitating', 1977, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, 1977, pp.63-86.  



On Political Means and Social Ends, revised papers in political philosophy, including many of those below. Edinburgh University Press, 2003. German translation forthcoming. Not the book On Social Ends and Political Means, 1976.

Conservatism , revised 2nd edition forthcoming 2005. Also German translation. 1st edition, 1990, Hamish Hamilton, Penguin. German, Spanish translations. Excerpts: What Equality is Not and What Equality Is

'20 Million Years of Living Time', The Monist, 2003. Derived from After the Terror.

`Hierarchic Democracy and the Necessity of Mass Civil Disobedience ', 1994, Conway Lecture, also New Left Review, 204, pp. 48-66. Chinese  translation.     

`Conservatism  Not Much Reconsidered', 1992, Utilitas, pp. 145-153. Reply to objections to the book Conservatism

`Conservatism,  Ideology,  Rationale and a Red Light', 1992, Radical Philosophy. Reply to objections to the book Conservatism.          

`Afterward to the Paperback Edition', 1991, Conservatism, Penguin, pp. 241-245 

`Punishment, the New Retributivism, and Political Philosophy', 1985, Royal Institute of Philosophy Proceedings.  

`The Principle of Equality: Reply to Nathan', 1984, Mind, pp. 249-52. 

`The Principle of Equality Defended', 1983, Politics, pp. 33-7. 

`Against Teleological  Historical   Materialism', 1982, Inquiry, 1982, pp. 451-69. On teleology and G. A. Cohen's use of it in Marx's Theory  of History: A Defence.  

`"On Liberty" and Morality-Dependent Harms', 1982, Political Studies, 504-14. Examination of an understanding by Wollheim and Ten of Mill's essay.       

`Determinism  and Politics',  1982, Midwest Studies in Philosophy VII, pp. 365-88. Examination of determinism's relation to political traditions of Conservatism, liberalism, the Left.           

`The Problem of Well-being and the Principle of Equality', 1981, Mind. Statement of principle later renamed Principle of Humanity. (For a defence and development see the excerpts from Conservatism -- What Equality is Not, Fortunately, and What  Equality Is.) 

Social Ends and Political  Means (ed.), 1976, 177 pp., Routledge and Kegan Paul. Papers by Colletti, Hare, Kent, Macfarlane, Markovic, Norris, Ruth Anna Putnam, Schaff, Stojanovic. Not the book Political Means and Social Ends , 2003.

`The Use of  the Basic Proposition   of a Theory of Justice', 1975, Mind , pp.63-78. A critical examination of Rawls's contract argument in A Theory of Justice .   

`The Worth of J.S. Mill's  "On Liberty"', 1974, Political Studies, pp.463-70. One of three papers on the famous essay.

`A Difficulty  with Democracy', 1973, Philosophy and Public Affairs, pp.221-26. On a supposed paradox in democratic theory noted by Wollheim.        

Punishment: The Supposed Justifications, revised 5th edition forthcoming 2005, Pluto Press; 1st edition 1969, 217pp., Hutchinson & Harcourt Brace; 2nd ed., Penguin,  1971; 3rd ed., Penguin, 1984; 4th ed., Polity, 1989. Examination of theories of the rightness of punishment by the state.           

`Mill on Liberty',  1967, Inquiry, pp. 292-7. First of three papers on Mill's famous foundation of liberalism.



Palestine, 9/11, Iraq, 7/7... A book forthcoming in late 2005. Analytic philosophy on the four subjects.

'Palestinian Terrorism, Morality, and Germany', lecture to University  of Leipzig, under the title 'Is There a Right to Terrorism?', October 2003. Summary in English.   Summary in German.

Terrorism for Humanity: Inquiries in Political Philosophy, Pluto Press 2003. German translation forthcoming. Revised edition of Violence for Equality: Inquiries in Political Philosophy.

'Terrorism for Humanity', lecture to 20th International Conference for Social Philosophy, Boston, 2003. To appear in conference proceedings. Also in paperback edition of After the Terror and 2nd German translation.

'After the Terror: A Book and Further Thoughts'. The Journal of Ethics , 2003. Also in On Political Means and Social Ends, 2003.

After the Terror, 2002, Edinburgh University Press, 160 pp. Paperback edition with additional chapter, 2003. Also McGill-Queens University Press. Chapter 1

Nach dem Terror: Ein Traktat, 1st German translation of After the Terror by Eva Gilmer, Suhrkamp Verlag, 2002. 2nd German translation by Thomas Fehige & Beatrice Kobow, Melzer Verlag, 2003. For the story of two translations, see The Fall and Rise of a Book in Germany.

Violence for  Equality: Inquiries in Political Philosophy, 1980, 233 pp., Penguin. (revised  and enlarged  version of Three Essays on Political Violence) 2nd ed., 1989, Routledge.     

`Four Conclusions about Violence of the Left', 1979, Canadian Journal of Philosophy , pp. 211-46. Reprinted in J.P. White (ed.), Assent and Dissent , 1983, Dubuque, Iowa, Kendall Hunt.  

Three Essays  on Political  Violence, 1976, 118 pp., Blackwells & Cornell University  Press. Original version of subsequently enlarged book on political violence.     

`Appraisals of Political Violence', 1975, Issues in Law and Morality. Proceedings of the 1971 Oberlin Colloquium, ed. Norman Care and Thomas Trelogan, pp. 3-35.  

`On Inequality and Violence, and Differences We Make Between Them', 1975, Royal Institute of Philosophy Lectures, 1975, pp.46-82. 

`Democratic Violence', 1973, Philosophy and Public Affairs, pp.190-214. On democracy, its relation to political violence, and a kind of violence.


After the Terror, 2002, Edinburgh University Press, esp. Ch. 2. Also German translations, Nach dem Terror

`Consequentialism, Moralities of Concern, and Selfishness', 1996, Philosophy, reprinted in On Political Means and Social Ends , 2003. My main moral philosophy paper.       

`Punishment, the New Retributivism, and Political Philosophy', 1985, Royal Institute of Philosophy Proceedings.  

Morality and  Objectivity  (ed.), essays in honour of John Mackie, 1985, 228 pp., Routledge and Kegan Paul.  Moral philosophy essays by Blackburn, Foot, Hare, Hurley, Lukes, McDowell, Sen, Wiggins, Williams.

`Culpability  and Mystery', 1984, in A. Duff and N. Simmonds, eds., Philosophy and the Criminal Law. Objection to retributivist theory of punishment. 

Punishment:  The Supposed  Justifications, 5th edition forthcoming 2004/4, Pluto Press. Ist edn 1969, 217pp., Hutchinson & Harcourt Brace;  2nd ed., Penguin,  1971; 3rd ed., Penguin, 1984; 4th ed., Polity, 1989. Examination of theories of the rightness of punishment by the state.         



'A. J. Ayer's Philosophy and Its Greatness', introduction to reprintings of seven volumes of Ayer's books, Palgrave-Macmillan Archive Press, 2004.

Does the Book Have a Future? Pamphlet privately printed by The Old School Press, 2002. From speech to summer festival in Frome, Somerset.

Philosopher: A Kind of Life, 2001, Routledge. A philosophical autobiography. See, if you want, some reviews, and reviews of the reviews.

The Philosophers: Introducing Great Western Thinkers, 1999, ed., Oxford University Press. (Main articles on philosophers from The Oxford Companion to Philosophy .)  

The Oxford Companion to  Philosophy, 1995, ed., Oxford University Press, 1010 pp. 2nd edition forthcoming 2004/5.   

`Unlikely Philosophical Propositions', 1995, in Honderich, ed., Oxford Companion to Philosophy. Editor strikes back against entries in his reference book.  

`An Interview  with A. J. Ayer', 1992, in A. J. Ayer Memorial Essays, Royal Institute of  Philosophy  Lectures Series 1989-90, ed. A. Phillips-Griffiths, Cambridge  University Press, pp. 209-22. Transcript of BBC interview.  

`Introduction', 1990, to A. J. Ayer, The Meaning of Life and Other Essays, Weidenfeld, pp. i-xvii. Ayer's last book, posthumously published.

Philosophy Through Its Past, 1984, ed., 534 pp., Allen Lane. Anthology of pieces on the great philosophers of the past. 

`Against Teleological  Historical Materialism', 1982, Inquiry, pp. 451-69. On teleology and G. A. Cohen's use of it in Marx's Theory of History: A Defence .  

Philosophy As It Is, 1979, co-ed. with Myles Burnyeat), 540 pp., Allen Lane. Anthology of contemporary philosophy.   

`Temporal Relations and Temporal Qualities', 1977, Time and Philosophy ,  ed. Paul  Ricoeur, pp.140-154. French translation in Le Temps et Les Philosophies,  ed. Ricoeur. On the analysis of several conceptions of time.  

`On Russell's Theory of  Descriptions', 1969, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society , pp 87-101. Defence of Russell against P. F. Strawson. 

`Truth', 1968, Studies in Logical Theory, American Philosophical Quarterly Monograph, ed.  Nicholas Rescher, pp 125-37. A defence of Austin's correspondence theory of truth.

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