by Ted Honderich

In my experience it is no bad idea to start with the search engine Google in looking for philosophy on the web. Remember, if you are as uninformed as some of us have been, that you can enter a small philosophical topic, problem or idea, or a little-known name or what-not -- just about anything that comes into a philosophical head -- and  almost always get something useful. Below, however, are links (via other links) to philosophy of every description. Suggestions for additions welcome.  Episteme Links is large and outstanding. Also a little political, which is not unknown in philosophy sites. The collection of pieces that is the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is very good. Suggestions as to additions are welcome.

EPHILOSOPHER provides philosophy news, research and discussion. A very flourishing enterprise under the direction of Paul Neufeld.

EPISTEME LINKS.COM, the work of Tom Stone, is the place to go to try to find what you want among 16,500 categorized links to philosophy resources on the net. You begin by choosing between Topics and Philosophers and then go on from there.

EQUALITY STUDIES CENTRE Organized by John Baker at University College Dublin, this is a collection of materials having to do with principles of equality and egalitarianism.

GUIDE TO PHILOSOPHY ON THE INTERNET A very useful compendium established by Peter Suber.

JUST WAR THEORY -- annotated aid to research and instruction in theoretical and empirical studies of war and peace, edited by Mark Rigstad.

INTERNET ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PHILOSOPHY All of what it sounds like. Edited by James Fieser.

MARXISTS INTERNET ARCHIVE. Now that most philosophical Marxists have all abandoned ship, the rest of us can come aboard to see some of the stuff. Maybe to find out about Marx 's scepticism about our societies, now more needed than ever.

NATURALISM Very rational location, under the control of Tom Clark. Naturalism = non-theism, non-dualism, etc.

ONLINE PAPERS ON CONSCIOUSNESS, 2,160 of them, brought together by David Chalmers.

PAIDEIA PROJECT ON-LINE The philosophy papers presented to the 20th World Congress of Philosophy in Boston. A vast mixture containing a lot of plums. Like EpistemeLinks, in the care of Thomas Ryan Stone. 


PHILOSOPHY IN CYBERSPACE An Australian contribution to philosophical life, run by Dey Alexander.

PHILOSOPHY IN THE NEWS Contributions from the American Philosophical Association.

PHILOSOPHY NEWS SERVICE Your philosophical newspaper, organized by Paul Pardi. About philosophers famous, scandalous, and neither. Also jobs, invitations to write papers, books, and much else. 

PHILOSOPHY NOW ONLINE A good site connected with the magazine Philosophy Now, edited by Rick Lewis. 

PHILOSOPHY RESEARCH BASE -- Erratic Impact.Com. Very good stuff.

PSYCHE Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Consciousness 

RADICAL PHILOSOPHY The good site connected to the foremost journal of Left Wing philosophy in English 

ROYAL INSTITUTE OF PHILOSOPHY An active English philosophy society, despite its acronym, with Bertrand Russell in its history. Worth joining.

SIMON BLACKBURN'S WEBPAGE A good and vigorous philosopher's progress.


TPM ONLINE The web version of The Philosophers Magazine, and my own excellent introduction to philosophy online, edited by Jeremy Stangroom. Includes a guide to web philosophy, articles, and a discussion board. 

VOICE OF THE SHUTTLE An admirable place of philosophy, not doctrinaire. 

WINDOW: PHILOSOPHY ON THE INTERNET Strong stuff, brought together by Chris Marvin

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