PROF. TED HONDERICH  These are a philosopher's pages. Writings by him are in them, on consciousness & politics. Also papers on determinism and freedom, by him and others. One commitment in all this is to the ordinary logic that is decent philosophy. Another is to right and wrong, right being  the Principle of Humanity.

The new book by Ted Honderich from Oxford University Press: Actual Consciousness.
The Royal Institute of Philosophy Annual Lectures -- Philosophers of Our Times. Something different on determinism. A book interview with TH on American state terrorism. BBC World tv interview on Breivik and Norway. Occupy London talks to the occupiers at St. Paul's Cathedral. John Searle and Property Dualism. Thinking about time. Review of Primoratz on terrorism. A letter to the editor about philosophy, time, etc. Doyle on Honderich on determinism. A tv interview & transcriptFull lectures (Chomsky, Honderich etc) in a series on terror. Hay-on-Wye videos -- consciousness lecture and debate on terrorism -- & the talk Terrorisms, Wars, The New Teletubbies. On Understanding, Endorsing or Inciting Terrorism. A Greek interview -- Mass Civil Disobedience Today. The paper Effects, Determinism, Neither Compatibilism Nor Incompatibilism, Consciousness. Postscript to a German book-banning: The Absent Prof. Brumlik. Maybe true if traditional articles on determinism & freedom by McCall & McCann. More by Manuel Vargas & Ted HonderichCh.1 of How Free Are You? in French. Danish interview. And Honderich, McGinn, Strohminger -- about two books, a reviewed one being On Consciousness. From it, seeing things & intentionality in seeing. Others' papers in Radical Externalism: Honderich's Theory of Consciousness.
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