Conference at the University of Hertfordshire, 15-17 April 2011




11.00 Shaun Gallagher, Phenomenal Qualities and Enactive Perception

Chair: Sam Coleman


2.00 Paul Snowdon, Phenomenal Properties and Naive Realism

Chair: Heather Logue


3.30 Paul Coates, Three Roles of Perception and the Location of Phenomenal Qualities

Chair: Paul Noordhof


5.15, Kati Farkas, The Causal Role of Phenomenal Qualities

Chair: Philip Goff





9.30 Michael Sollberger, Perception and Causation: The Case for Indirect Realism

Chair: Kati Farkas


11.20 Ted Honderich, Actual Perceptual Consciousness

Chair: Paul Coates


2.00 Thomas Raleigh, Experience and Representational Content

Chair: Fiona Macpherson


3.30 Ophelia Deroy, Knowing How We Experience, or What is Visual in my Seeing Red?

Chair: Paul Snowdon


5.15 Paul Noordhof, Non-Manifest Representational Differences

Chair: Tim Crane





9.30 Heather Logue, Experience of Higher Level Properties: Is There Any Fact of the Matter?

Chair: Shaun Gallagher


11.20 Barry Smith, Flavour Experience and Qualities

Chair: Dan Hutto


2.00 Andy MacGregor, Neither In Here Nor Out There: The Relationality of Phenomenal Qualities

Chair: Ophelia Deroy


3.30 Fiona Macpherson, Phenomenal 'Presence or Absence' in Visual Experience: Delineating and Explaining

Chair: Barry Smith


5.15 Tim Crane, Are We Acquainted with Phenomenal Properties?

Chair: Ted Honderich