James Alexander (Alex) Cross


Welcome to my personal webpage. I am a PhD student in the UCL Department of Philosophy, and my current research focuses on the normativity of meaning and content.
My PhD is funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council.

News & Updates

  • Update 12/01/2014: Teaching page updated with info and links for PHIL20147: Ethics; link to PDF of MPhil Thesis added to research page.
  • Update 20/08/2013: Links to my Twitter and LinkedIn profiles were added on the sidebar and on the contacts page.
  • Update 28/07/2013: Teaching page updated - I will be teaching some seminars for PHIL2047: Ethics in Spring 2014.
  • Update 08/02/2013: Resources for PHIL2033 were added to the teaching page.
  • Update 15/02/2013: Abstract for MPhil thesis was added.