Full list of publications, for research reports click here, for my REPEC page click here:


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paper including technical appendix: http://cream-migration.org/publ_uploads/CDP_26_16.pdf

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=> Programmes and Gauss code can be found here.

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Research Reports:


The Impact of Migration on the Provision of UK Public Services (with Tommaso Frattini), Report for the Migration Advisory Commitee (2011)

Review of Data and Predictions about Attitudes to Migration and the Environment (with Anna Okatenko), Report prepared for the Foresight Project on Global Environmental Migration (2011)

The Socio-Economic Integration of Migrants (with Tommaso Frattini), Report commissioned by the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) ( 2011)

Can immigration constitute a sensible solution to sub-national and regional labour shortages? (with Tommaso Frattini and Ian Preston), Report for the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) (2010)

Can a framework for the economic cost-benefit analysis of various immigration policies be developed to inform decision making and, if so, what data are required? (with Tommaso Frattini), Report for the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) (2010)

The impact of migration: a review of the economic evidence (with Tommaso Frattini and Albrecht Glitz), Report commissioned by The National Assembly for Wales, on behalf of the Welsh Assembly Government (2007)

A Study of Migrant Workers and the National Minimum Wage and Enforcement Issues that Arise (with Tommaso Frattini and Ian Preston), Report for the Low Pay Commission (2007)

Labour Market performance of Immigrants in the UK Labour Market (with Francesca Fabbri, Ian Preston and Jonathan Wadsworth), Home Office Online Report (2003)

The Local Labour Market Effects of Migration in the UK (with Francesca Fabbri, Ian Preston and Jonathan Wadsworth), Home Office Online Report (2003)

The Impact of EU Enlargement on Migration Flows (with Maria Casanova, Ian Preston, Michael Fertig and Christoph M. Schmidt), Home Office Online Report (2003)

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