Working Papers

  1. The Impact of Taxes on Income Mobility.

Coverage in Marginal Revolution. Centre for Macroeconomics Working Paper CFM-DP2016-32.

Banco de España Working Paper Nº1725.

  1. Is Fiscal Policy More Effective in Uncertain Times or During Recessions?.

Under revision, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics. Centre for Macroeconomics Working Paper CFM-DP2016-31. Banco de España Working Paper Nº1730.

  1. Do Taxes Affect Intergenerational Mobility?. Version coming soon.

  1. Diferencias de Género en la Formación Científica. Evidencia Empírica. Joint with B. Anghel and S. de la Rica). Chapter in “Libro Blanco. Situación de las Mujeres en la Ciencia Española” (2011).

  2. Una Propuesta para el Seguimiento Puntual de la Coyuntura de la Economía de Madrid (2010). Joint with Jesús Fernández-Villaverde. Economic Reports. 07-2010, FEDEA.

  3. ¿Seguirán llegando inmigrantes a España? (2010). Joint with Brindusa Anghel and Pablo Vázquez. Article in “La inmigración en tiempos de crisis; Anuario de la inmigración en España, edición 2009”. Pages 111-127. CIDOB (January 2010).

  4. Impact of the rise in immigrant unemployment on public finances (2009). Joint with Pablo Vázquez, Raquel Vegas & Stefano Bertozzi. Working Papers 2009-15, FEDEA.

  1. Convergence in consumption habits: what goods and services are more likely to experience growth in Spain in the future? (2010). Joint with Juan Ramón García. BBVA Sectorial Observatory. Link to Spanish version.

  2. Consumption patterns in developed countries (2009). Short article in BBVA Consumption Watch, second half 2009. Pages 36-41. Link to Spanish version.

  3. Collaboration in other Research Notes at BBVA Economic Research: Europa Watch (June 2007 issue). Inflation Observatory (March-August 2007 issues). Confidence Indicators (March-August 2007 issues). IA-BBVA UEM (April- August 2007 issues). GDP UEM (2nd quarter 2007 issue).