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A fundamental collection of the evidence, in Greek, Latin, and English translation, for the mythology, cult, and therapies associated with the healing god Asclepius. A one-volume paperback reprint of the two-volume 1945 edition.

  • Gillian Bradshaw, Beacon at Alexandria.
  • A novel set in the 4th century A.D. with a heroine who succeeds in becoming a physician. Not free of error and anachronism but gives a good impression of the medicine of late antiquity.

  • C. Dunmore and R. Fleischer, Medical Terminology: Exercises in Etymology.
  • A standard, and very useful, textbook on the Greek and Latin roots of medical terminology.

  • P. N. Singer, tr., Galen: Selected Works.
  • A useful anthology and an introduction to Galen's thought.

  • Galen, Three Treatises on the Nature of Science: On the Sects for Beginners, an Outline of Empiricism, on Medical Experience.

  • Galen, On the Natural Faculties, tr. A. J. Brock. The Loeb edition.


  • The standard English-language reference grammar; in the words of one of my teachers, "If I were offered a choice between Smyth's Greek Grammar and the Parthenon as the sole surviving evidence for the importance of ancient Greek culture, I would dynamite the Parthenon."

  • Mirko D. Grmek, Diseases in the Ancient Greek World (1991).

  • Mirko D. Grmek, History of AIDS: Emergence and Origin of a Modern Pandemic (1993).

  • Mirko D. Grmek, Western Medical Thought from Antiquity to the Middle Ages (1999).

  • Heinrich von Staden, Herophilus: The Art of Medicine in Early Alexandria.
  • An important work on Hellenistic Greek medicine, and a fundamental collection of the fragments of one of antiquity's greatest medical thinkers. Out of print, but it's worth seeing if can find a copy somewhere. Prof. von Staden is a member of the AM/MA advisory committee.

  • The Loeb Hippocrates:
    1. Vol. 1, tr. W.H.S. Jones.
    2. Vol. 3, tr. E. T. Withington.
    3. Vol. 4, tr. W.H.S. Jones.
    4. Vol. 5, tr. Paul Potter.
    5. Vol. 6, tr. Paul Potter.
    6. Vol. 7, tr. Wesley Smith.

  • Ralph Jackson, Doctors and Diseases in the Roman Empire.

  • Wilhelmina Jashemski et al., A Pompeian Herbal.

  • Jacques Jouanna, Hippocrates.

  • An English translation of this important work, which was first published in French in 1992.

  • Helen King, Hippocrates' Woman: Reading the Female Body in Ancient Greece.


  • Not new any longer, but still a standard reference grammar.

  • Cassell's Latin Dictionary
  • A good students' desk dictionary; includes Latin-English and English-Latin.

  • Lewis and Short, A Latin Dictionary Founded on Andrews Edition of Freuds Latin Dictionary.
  • An unabridged dictionary, not entirely superseded by the Oxford Latin Dictionary.

  • James Longrigg, Greek Medicine From the Heroic to the Hellenistic Age: A Source Book
  • An anothology of selections from Greek medical texts and other documents, ranging in time from Homer to the great Alexandrians.

  • Guido Majno, The Healing Hand: Man and Wound in the Ancient World.

  • La Musique de la Grèce Antique, by Spain's Atrium Musicae.
  • A wonderful realization of the surviving fragments of ancient Greek music.

  • Patrick O'Brian, Master and Commander.
  • The first in a series of novels set in the 18th century British Royal Navy. One of the principal characters, Dr. Steven Maturin, is a physician, and the books are full of authentic accounts of early modern medical thought and practices. These are the books that Jane Austen's seafaring brother would have written if he could.

  • Jim O'Donnell, Avatars of the Word: From Papyrus to Cyberspace (1998).
  • Thoughts on computers and the book, by a member of the AM/MA Advisory Committee.

  • John Riddle, Contraception and Abortion from the Ancient World to the Renaissance (available in hardcover or paperback).

  • Owsei Temkin, tr., Soranus of Ephesus, Gynecology.
  • A paperback reprint of the 1956 Johns Hopkins University Press edition of Temkin's translation of the second century A.D. Greek text.

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