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Jason Davies, SFHEA

V Intellectual Wanderings
UCL Arena Centre for Advancing Research-Based Education (formerly CALT)
1-19 Torrington Place
London WC1E 6BT
+44 (0)20 3108 6457 (int 56457)

Twitter: @JasonPtrDavies

Senior Teaching Fellow (attached to UCL Institute of Education)
* Having researched and taught in several departments at UCL and other universities, I have been in the UCL Arena Centre for Research-based Education (formerly CALT) since 2003. I work particularly with the UCL Institute of Education after several years of working with BEAMS (Faculties of Engineering, Maths and Physical Sciences and the Bartlett School of Architecture) to explore teaching and learning of all kinds.

With a background in ancient languages, history, history of religion and medicine, I moved into interdisciplinarity and higher education as my fields of study and teaching, which shows in my predominantly reflexive approach, with an emphasis on supporting disciplinary integrity. My work in the Arena Centre has also seen me lead MAs in Education and Academic Practice before moving to a more strategic role supporting teaching and learning across UCL.

I continue to teach on interdisciplinary courses such as the postgraduate trans-UCL module Investigating Research and a graduate course on Interdisciplinary Studies of Evidence, amongst others; and I publish on interdisciplinary themes.

Keywords: interdisciplinarity, disciplinarity, teaching and learning, reflective practice, threshold concepts, academic practice

Recent Talks

> Learning, Cultural Theory, Threshold Concepts

Current Projects

> Interim Director UCL Arena (-July 2017)
Employment and Recognition

> Education, academic practice, SFHEA, interdisciplinarity, ancient history

> 1994-98 PhD: History, UCL

> UCL Graduate School, Research funds

> History, Interdisciplinarity, Education; monograph, chapters, articles

Formal and QA roles
> Director UCL Arena, MA Programme leadership, Graduate Tutor, Chair BoE, national rep, European project, SRHE network convenorship, ESRC rapporteur


> PhD, MA, MRes, BASc: Education, Interdisciplnarity, Classics, Ancient History, History of Science

Talks, Presentations and Research Seminars

> Series chair; interdisciplinarity, education, digital literacy, postmodernism, literature, history

Book Reviews
> Classics, ancient history, ancient science

Digital Literacy (Apple only)
> Outliners, plain text, (multi)markdown, LaTeX, emailers, everything's a project