Research interests

I am a limnologist and palaeolimnologist by training, with a particular interest in remote lakes and how natural environmental change and anthropogenic peturbations act to shape and alter these sensitive ecosystems in the past and how these same factors affect the lakes today and will do in the future.

My interests and research to date fall within four areas

Further information on these interests can be found below.


Since Fritz Haber developed the Haber process in the early 20th Century, we've been pumping out vast amounts of man-made reactive nitrogen into the atmosphere. So much so, that the natural nitrogen cycle has become totally swamped in anthropogenic nitrogen, resulting in what James Galloway has termed the nitrogen cascade. What effect has all this nitrogen had on lakes and rivers?

The most obvious effect in lower lying or agricultural areas is the increase in nutrients leading to eutrophication and associated problems of algal blooms and reduced oxygen availability, which ultimately lead to changes in species composition and loss of biodiversity. But what about lakes in more remote regions of the world?