Course data sets

The data sets and additional computer code for R for the practical classes are available from the link below. Follow the instructions to download the zip file and extract the file in the correct place. If you have difficulty, ask one of the demonstrators.


Click this link to download the archive to your machine.

When prompted, chose to save the zip file. Browse to your R: drive (which might be labelled Filestore) and then create a new directory called ncourse.

Click Save to save the file to your R:\ncourse\ directory.

Open Windows Explorer from the Start menu and navigate to your ncourse directory on the R: drive.

Right click on the file and select the Extract Here option.

You should now have 10 new sub directories labeled prac1, prac2, prac3, prac4 ... etc. The relevant files for the practicals can be found here.


Cluster Analysis — save some typing

To save you typing out a large chunk of text to fit the various cluster techniques, enter the following code snippet into R:

source(url(""), echo = TRUE)

This will echo the commands to the screen so you can see what is going on. To see the shepard-like plots, you will need to type those lines again to view individual plots.