Me in Greenland, August 2008I am a research fellow in the Department of Geography, UCL, working within the Environmental Change Research Centre (ECRC) and with the ECRC's consultancy arm Ensis.

I am interested in environmental change and human impacts upon aquatic environments. In particular, I am interested in understanding how lakes in remote regions have changed in the past and how human impacts like acidification, eutrophication, and climate change have affected the ecology and biogeochemical cycles of lakes in the past and how they will be affected in the future.

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I convene the ECRC's short course in Numerical Analysis of Biological and Environmental Data and contribute to teaching on the undergraduate course Ecological Patterns and Processes.

Selected Publications

  • Wischnewski, J., Kramer, A., Kong, Z., Mackay, A.W., Simpson, G.L., Mischke, S. & Herzschuh, U. (2011) Terrestrial and aquatic responses to climate change and human impact on the southeastrn Tibetan Plateau during the past two centuries. Global Change Biology 17(11), 3376–3391.
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  • Holden, P.B., Mackay, A.W. & Simpson, G.L. (2008) A Bayesian palaeoenvironmental transfer function model for acidified lakes. Journal of Paleolimnology 39(4), 551–556.
  • Simpson, G.L. (2007) Analogue methods in palaeoecology: Using the analogue package. Journal of Statistical Software 22(2), 1–29.
  • Sayer, C.D., Jackson, M.J., Hoare, D., Simpson, G.L., Henderson, A.C.G., Liptrott, E.R., Appleby, P.G., Boyle, J.F., Jones, I.J. & Waldock, M.J. (2006) TBT causes regime shift in shallow lakes? Environmental Science and Technology 40(17), 5269–5275.
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