Paper published by 9th International Conference on Transport and Mobility for Elderly and Disabled People, Warsaw, 2 - 5 July 2001

Proceedings, vol. 1, pp 219 - 218

Evaluation of Changes to Bus Stop Design to Benefit Elderly and Disabled People

by Martha Caiaffa and Nick Tyler


This paper describes the outcomes of the EXCALIBUR project. The paper begins with a description of the context of the project. EXCALIBUR is exploring how users’ needs can be incorporated directly in to the design of bus stops so that the resulting infrastructure facilitates the use of accessible buses. The paper then discusses the broad principles for the design of accessible bus stops, extracted from the work with the users and drivers. The on-street tests carried out in East London are then described, including the decisions about the compromises necessary to enable the best design to be built within the constraints of each site. Next, the paper considers the evaluation methodology and discusses the initial outcomes of the on-street trials. Conclusions are drawn about the benefits of accessible bus stop design to elderly and disabled people, design and construction standards needed for accessible bus stops, the implications for the design of vehicles, training of users and drivers and the next steps for work in this area.

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