Lucy van Dorp


I am currently enrolled on a four year MRes/PhD at the Centre of Mathematics and Physics in the Life Sciences and Experimental Biology (CoMPLEX) at UCL. I believe the future of scientific progress is in the combination of expertise across disciplines. CoMPLEX has enabled me to further my knowledge in the mathematical and physical sciences, as well as providing insight and training into how these techniques can be applied to biological problems.


Prior to working at UCL, I received a first class undergraduate degree in Zoology from Royal Holloway, winning the prize for the highest degree mark across all organismal biology students. Following my undergraduate, I did a Masters in Science Communication at Imperial College London, where I studied the Philosophy of Science and how science is represented by the media.



Academic Interests

My academic interests are primarily in the application of population genetics techniques to understand human molecular and cultural evolutionary history. These interests have led to me undertaking a PhD which has sought to describe genetic patterns among a wide range of human groups and characterize the primary historical, anthropological and sociological factors contributing to observed levels of diversity. More specifically this work has focused on how the application of sophisticated statistical software (CHROMOPAINTER, fineSTRUCTURE (Lawson et al. 2012), and GLOBETROTTER (Hellenthal et al. 2014)), which exploit haplotype information, can be used to greatly enrich our understanding of human history using genome-wide SNP data from different populations and datasets.