Hints on Exam Technique, especially for BIOL2007


Don't second-guess the examiners.  Revise all parts of the course; not just the things that "usually come up".  One year neither sexual selection nor speciation came up on the BIOL2007 exam.  Many people were caught out.


1) Obey instructions.
2) Answer the number of questions set.
3) Pace yourself so that equal time goes into equal marks (except problems, which might be quicker).


1) Think for a minute or two about the question.

2) Answer the question!!

a) Write out a rough plan
b) Think about the plan, add things.
c) When you have collected your thoughts, write the essay.  
d) Make sure it is actually an essay, not a series of garbled notes (unless you are very pressed for time -- but try to avoid that!).  Pay attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling!
e) As a suitable structure for your essay: how about an introduction/definition section, a development section, and then a conclusion which expresses your view of the state of the field?

Questions requiring calculations

1) They are easy if you have done some calculation problems before.  Very difficult if you haven't!
2) Answer all the subsections.
3) If you find calculation problems easy (most do, after having practised), it might be a good idea to do the problems first (at least those bits you can do), before the essay questions.
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