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David Meacher, Patent Examiner, European Patent Office Munich

Oliver Morsch, Physicist, BEC Group, University of Pisa, author of Licht und Materie: Eine physikalische Beziehungsgeschichte, Sandburgen, Staus und Seifenblasen, and Quantum bits and quantum secrets: How quantum physics is revolutionizing codes and computers

Ferruccio Renzoni, Lecturer and Group Leader, Laser Cooling Group, UCL

Silvia Bergamini, Lecturer and Group Leader, Cold Atoms Group, Open University

Stephan Winklbauer, Quantitative Analyst, Barclays Capital

Harry 'Basil' Singer, TV presenter, Channel 4's "Men in White", The Discovery Channel's "Ways to Save the Planet" ("Discovery Project Earth" in the USA) and "Space Pioneer" on Quest ("Exodus Earth" on The Discovery Channel in the USA)

Malika Goonasekera, IT consultant, Detica

Ian Bailey, Lecturer, Particle Physics and Accelerator Science, Lancaster University

Martin Christlieb, Molecular Imaging Group, Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology, Oxford University

Nathan Doble, New England College of Optometry, and co-founder of Iris AO

The last known whereabouts of some former colleagues can be found here.

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