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Dr Phil Jones

Chris Fury

Chris Richards

Tom Smart

Xiang Han

Adam Plowman


Onofrio Marago; NanoSoft Lab, IPCF-CNR, Messina, Sicily

Eleanor Stride; Biomedical Ultrasonics & Biotherapy Lab, Oxford University

Martin Christlieb; Gray Cancer Institute & Oxford University

Ferruccio Renzoni; Department of Physics & Astronomy, UCL

NOIs Collaboration; UC Cork, TU Wien, U Innsbruck & Institute of Spectroscopy, Moscow

UCL Ultra-High Resolution Microscopy Collaboration; Jonathan Ashmore, Angus Bain & Guy Moss

Gianluca Memoli; National Physical Laboratory

Jixiong Pu; Huaqiao University

An experimental research group, based in the Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Positron (AMOP) Physics section of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, UCL.


The UCL Optical Tweezers Group, autumn 2013
(L-R) Chris F, Tom, Chris R, Alessandro

Optics Express & JOSA B Joint Special Issue

The OSA Technical Group on Optical Cooling & Trapping is organising a joint Special Issue of the journals Optics Express and JOSA B on this theme.  Submit papers by 05 Jan 15.

PhD studentship available

A 3-year PhD studentship for the project membrane engineering of artificial lipid vesicles is available.  The project will start in September 2014 and will include a one year stay in the Biological Soft Matter Group at JAIST.

Contact Phil Jones for details.

Image Quantification (IQ) Club talk by Dylan Owen (KCL) on Analysing protein localisation and dynamics in immune cells at super-resolution, Wed 10 Sep, 4pm

Joint Special Issue of Optics Express and JOSA B on Optical Cooling & Trapping announced. Submit papers by 05 Jan 15.

Chris F is at the SPIE OTOM XI conference 17-21 Aug 14, with a poster on Multi-scale manipulation of microbubbles employing simultaneous optical and acoustical trapping. Watch movies from his poster here and here.

Congratulations to Chris Fury for winning a poster prize at the Leeds Microbubble Symposium 2014

Tanya Monro (Adelaide University) is giving a seminar on New Direction in Photonics Down Under at City University, Mon 09 Jun

MSci projects for Physics and Natural Sciences students available for 2014-15.  Contact Phil Jones for details. For examples of previous projects in the group see here

Helen Czerski will give the Physics Department colloquium on The Scaling of Reality: A Problem for both Bubble Physics and Science Media, Wed 14 May

SPIE proceedings from Nanophotonics V at SPIE Europe on Experimental characterisation of holographic optical traps for microbubbles now published

Paper Laser vibrometry characterisation of a microfluidic lab-on-a-chip device: a preliminary investigation published in J Phys: Conf Ser 498 012002 (2014)

Old news

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