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I am a theorist in the Condensed Matter and Materials Physics group (CMMP) in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UCL, and a Principal Investigator in the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN). I work on topics in soft condensed matter, particularly in the area of aerosol physics (the study of small particles suspended in a gas), particularly the process of nucleation.  I have also studied phase transitions in colloids, which are particles suspended in a liquid phase host, and looked at the conformational and thermodynamic behaviour of complex biological molecules and structures. I have a fundamental interest in the nature of entropy production in nonequilibrium processes, including thermal conduction, particle diffusion and dissipative systems in general.  

I maintain a number of official webpages describing my roles at UCL:

UCL Centre for Materials Research
London Centre for Nanotechnology
Thomas Young Centre
I have recently produced an undergraduate textbook, published by Wiley:

Statistical Physics: an Entropic Approach

For supplementary information on this book: click on the entropy hazard warning sign!

Summary of research career

Brief details are to be found here.

Current and former members of my research group:

Hanna Vehkamaki (former Postdoctoral Fellow: Monte Carlo simulations of clusters, development of nucleation theorems)

Michael Knott  (former PhD student: phases of charged colloids)

Jayesh Bhatt (former PhD student: formation and surface chemistry of interstellar dust)

Shahid Hussain (former PhD student: electromagnetic properties of colloids)

Sarah Harris (former Postdoctoral Fellow: molecular dynamics simulations of liquid clusters; protein aggregation)

Sukina Natarajan (former PhD student: freezing processes in the atmosphere)

Sascha Khakshouri (former PhD student: density functional methods in statistical mechanics)

Hoi Yu Tang (former PhD student: stability of molecular clusters)

Christiane Losert-Valiente-Kroon (former PhD student: stochastic description of nucleation processes and chemical reactions)

Richard Spinney (former PhD student: irreversible processes in stochastic dynamics and fluctuation relations)

Hemant Tailor (former PhD student: molecular thermodynamics of DNA and collagen)

Jake Stinson (former PhD student: dynamics and thermodynamics of sulphuric acid/water molecular clusters)

Dino Osmanovic (former PhD student: statistical physics of the nuclear pore complex)

Gabriel Lau (PhD student (PhD student based at Imperial College: thermodynamics of droplets)

Joel Posthuma de Boer (PhD student based at Imperial College: nucleation and growth of graphene sheets)

Peter Bebbington (PhD student: dynamics of price formation in markets)

Claudia Clarke (PhD student: entropy production in a quantum setting)


I have taught Solid State Physics; liquid state theory; fluid mechanics; stochastic dynamics; and statistical thermodynamics.


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