Welcome to the homepage for the research group on quantum mechanics of biomolecular processes, led by Dr Alexandra Olaya-Castro.

Our group is interested in a theoretical understanding of the possible roles of quantum phenomena in biomolecular functions. It is well known that quantum mechanics explains the structure, stability and spectroscopy of the molecular components of living systems. What remains unknown (and controversial) is whether there are quantum dynamics relevant for their biological functionality. In order to address this challenging research theme we are developing theoretical studies in various directions:
  1. Open quantum systems approaches to exciton and charge transfer dynamics in photosynthetic complexes
  2. Non-classical features of electronic and vibrational dynamics in biomolecules
  3. Counting statistics and noise characterisation in charge and exciton transfer processes
  4. Quantum thermodynamics of biomolecular processes
We are part of the AMOPP and Biological Physics groups in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UCL and make up one node of the European-wide project PAPETS (Phonon Assisted Processes for Energy Transfer and Sensing). We gratefully acknowledge funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council of the UK and the EU's Seventh Framework Programme for Research.