Available PhD projects

This page lists some titles of projects that I am highly interested in and I would be keen to research collaborating with a PhD student. Please contact me if you are interested on any of those to discuss or even arrange for a meeting. My contact details can be found here.

Of course this list is not exhaustive; if you have something else in mind and you are interested in working with me I would be more than happy to discuss.

    Optimal estimation and inference

  • Inference for models with many nuisance parameters.
  • Improved estimation for generalized linear mixed effects models.
  • The bias of functional estimators.
  • Estimation and inference for generalized linear models from big data sets.

  • Mixture models and applications

  • Model-based image segmentation with covariates.
  • Automatic identification of cell populations from flow-cytometry data.

  • Applications in Sports

  • Models for predicting "performance" in Sports.